Immaculate Angels Care
Institute CNA Program

We offer a comprehensive, engaging nursing program for aspiring
CNAs to help them earn CEU credits.


Connect With The Community
& Improve People's Lives

We offer a comprehensive, engaging nursing program for aspiring
CNAs to help them earn CEU credits.


It's Time To Make A Difference
Professional Nursing Program
For Career-oriented Individuals

We offer a comprehensive, engaging nursing program for aspiring
CNAs to help them earn CEU credits.


Certified Nursing Assistant

Immaculate Angels Care Institute’s CNA Program provides students with the hands-on training and experience necessary to offer high-quality care to elderly patients.

Why Choose Immaculate Angels Care Institute

• Job placement opportunity
• CNA Program with an exclusive 22-day training
• Experienced and dedicated instructors


We charge $150 for tuition fees to reserve your spot.
If you have any more questions please call or email us for more information.

About Immaculate Angels Care Institute CNA Program

Students enrolled in the CNA Program at Immaculate Angels Care Institute can participate in interactive learning sessions to get hands-on experience to excel in their careers as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and earn their well-deserved CEU credits. The program’s purpose is to prepare competently and dedicated CNAs to help those in need of nursing care while training future nurses to be their best versions. We encourage our students, assist them in becoming qualified candidates, and train them to become empathetic, honest, kind, and compassionate nursing assistants.

Let us help you unleash your full potential for a rewarding career and fulfilling life.

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Why Choose A Career In Nursing?

With an unprecedented high demand for CNAs in the current labor market, this is the perfect job and a highly rewarding career for aspiring individuals
By opting for a career in Nursing, you can make a big difference in patients’ lives while working in various job settings, proving to be the stepping stone for an RN Career
We offer top-notch professional support
You can work in flexible shifts; being a CNA

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All Locations

We are currently located in Fresno, CA.

You can visit our training center for more information about our CNA program. If you want to enroll in our program, you can fill out the form available on the website. Otherwise, you can contact us via email or phone.

  • Fresno, CA.
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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program

We offer a comprehensive and all-inclusive CNA Program through which we train aspiring students to pass the California Nursing Assistant Competency Examination. We help students learn basic patient care needs, such as washing, grooming, feeding, and assessing their vital signs. We conduct theory and clinical training classes on campus.
For further information, you can contact us via phone. Otherwise, you can visit our facility.

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Blogs & News

Read our blogs and news to learn more about the latest happenings, our CNA Program, current offerings, job opportunities, etc.

What are the Duties of a Certified
Nursing Assistant (CNA)?

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What 5 Qualities Make a Good Nursing

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The Differences Between a CNA and

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